All About Me

Name – Stuart

Occupation – Village Idiot (Retired)

Residence – West Suburbs, Chicago, IL, USA, Earth (Presently)

This is me…

photo (15)

Squid Head

You may have noticed the slight protrusion on the top of my head – the unfortunate result of a near fatal jet ski accident.  But the vet is expecting a full recovery by the squid, at which time we can amputate and I’ll be released back into the wild.  For now… I tend to wear a lot of hats.

This is my Wife…

photo (13)


Our kids…

Gregg & Lauren

Gregg & Lauren

our house…

Not really. This is Col. McCormick’s place.

These are my wheels…


It's a Strada from Bluevelo in Toronto, Canada

It’s a Strada from Bluevelo in Toronto, Canada

I started this blog to record my personal experiences as I join the wonderful world of velomobiles.  They are a marvelous form of transportation which offer a new kind of freedom for the auto weary traveler.  All you need are your own two legs and the world is yours.  The same freedom as the bicycle that came before it but free from the constraints of wind, rain, freezing cold, snow, and ice.  Plus enough protected storage space to carry all you need with you.  The only fuel you’ll need is that wonderful, well earned meal at the end of the trip.  Marvelous!

Lamb burgers with chevre cheese, sauteed potatoes, and zucchini

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