Well, I woke up this morning and decided to be a blogging God.  Well, maybe more of a minor blogging deity but that kind of depends on how willing you are to be my minions doesn’t it!  For my part, I promise not to rule you with an iron fist but maybe… bicycle gloves and a whip.  Anyway, welcome to my world…

A few days before the turn of the New Year, I received a long awaited shipment.  A brand new Velomobile!  That’s right, a velomobile.  What’s that you ask?!

Let me explain…

When I was little, my family would go visit my cousins and if the adults wanted to go out and do something without all of us kids, they’d have my Uncle’s folks watch us at their home day-care.  There was a little pedal-car at their house which I fell in love with.


All of us would fight over it and I never seemed to get enough riding time.  Well, it’s been a long, long… long, long time since then but I finally have my very own pedal-car and I’ll never have to share again.  It’s called a velomobile and it looks something like this…


I know – breath in the yellow AWESOMENESS!!!

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