It’s been cold here. Really cold.  A Few days ago, we got a bit of snow, turning to sleet, turning to rain, which coated everything in a crystal clear, icy jacket.  My unused car in the driveway is still, for all useful purposes, a Popsicle.  The morning after the storm, the streets were nice and clear.  You could tell that the salt trucks had been busy through the night.  The bike path, on the other hand, looked like it had been visited by the Zamboni.

Yeah, that slick!

Yeah, that slick!

I’ve still been able to get out with the velomobile!  Riding the bike paths in these conditions can be fun – if you’re into that sort of thing.  Want to know how?

Well, let me explain…

Think of it like driving in a skating rink without walls – which is only five feet wide with hills and tight turns.  You just have to be a bit more careful.  And subtle with the controls.  It’s better to suggest rather than tell the velomobile where to go while driving on ice.  Do your braking and turning on spots where the sun has made its way through the trees and thawed out bits of the path.

You have to be gentle going uphill, conserving as much momentum as possible while pedaling very smoothly indeed, so as not to lose precious traction.  Travelling on level ground and going downhill is an exercise in planning ahead.  Look for dry spots to do your course and speed adjustments and continue to survey for places to veer off the path to apply the brakes – just in case something unexpected turns up.  To slam on the brakes while on ice would be bad.  As in – a smooth, exhilarating slide sideways followed by a thud, roll, roll, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” crunch! – sort of bad.  I’d suggest avoiding it.

Or you could use the streets…

Zamboni Road, Sycamore, IL

Zamboni Bike Trail, Sycamore, IL

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