Toe Cozies

I’ve found that the only part of me that gets truly cold in a velomobile are my toes.  Not the feet.  Not the ankles.  Just the toes.  In fact, the other day when I was out playing on icy trails, I think I came as close to getting frostbite as I’d ever like to get!  True, it took two and a half hours to get that chilled but still, something had to be done.  The answer…

Pearl Izumi thermal toe covers

Pearl Izumi thermal toe covers

They only cost $18, are easy to slip on or off, and have a little window in the bottom for your shoe clips to poke through.  I’m opting to just leave them on for the winter –  I can get out of my shoes just by loosening the top buckle.  I tested them today on a ride to Sycamore, a town about 25 miles distant.  Although the temperatures hovered in the teens with quite a bit of humidity, my toes did much better indeed.  I’d still recommend getting out of the velomobile once in a while to get the blood flowing down to the toes but these little guys did a great job.  And I think they’ll really turn some heads at the local grocery store!  Woo hoo!

Sycamore Victorian

Victorian House, Sycamore, IL

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