A Winter Ride

I celebrated Super Bowl Sunday by taking a ride.  It was a beautiful day so we’ve made another video in Cammie-Vision, just so you wouldn’t think Chicago is always so gloomy in winter.  And there’s even music this time!

The music is courtesy of Audiofarm.  Here are the artists…

Rural Parks by Alexander Chereshnev – http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/20711

Brainbreaker by Al Alanra – http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/19235

Searching For The Buddha Place by Johnny Blues – http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/21106

Pimp My Profile by Dr.Tuxedo – http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/20808

Thanks guys!

And finally, one of my favorite reasons for going by velomobile… refueling!

Lamb Chops with Mini Potatoes and  Asperageese

Lamb Chops with Baby Potatoes and Asparageese

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