Another Winter Ride

OK, I’ve finally got the next video done!  There was a bit of a delay because I got it all finished, produced and uploaded, only to find that some of the free music that I’d used wasn’t so free after all.  It was actually lifted from somebody else.  Gah!  I had to start all over.

The streets were absolutely clear but the bike paths were a bumpy, rutted, icy, slushy mess.  I spent most of my time cranking the steering from one extreme to the other to keep on course.  I was very happy for the extra turning power the YellowMobile has because of its exposed front wheels.  I don’t think a velomobile like the Quest would have made it through, simply because it wouldn’t be able to stay on the path.  My Quest buddies would probably quip that they aren’t stupid enough to travel the bike paths in conditions like these.  Well, I gotta be me.

But not to worry, I won’t make you sit through all that.  While I might like sliding and jostling all over the bike path at 5 mph, it isn’t all that visually compelling on video.   Anyway, here are the best parts – at last.

All of the music is courtesy of audiofarm.  My thanks to the artists!

Channelings – Kirk Douglas –

As One To One – Lyndon Daniels –

Goodnight Mooncow – Alexander Chereshnev –

Step By Step – Oglsdl –

2 thoughts on “Another Winter Ride

  1. Great video! It looked like fun! I wish our winter looked like that. There will be no riding for a couple of days. We had a dump of about 4 inches of snow and lots of wind. I have a set of Marathon Snow Studs. They stick to ice like glue. With the Quest it helps to plan your route but even then, there is a back up one in a while to make a sharp corner. Keep up the great video.

    • Ohhhh, I forgot about snow tires! You probably would have done very well indeed – and left me far behind. Glad you liked the video Kevin. Here’s wishing you some warm weather to clear away some of that snow. Cheers!

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