Cops & Velomobiles

This is a tongue-in-cheek video of my last ride.  Please forgive the artsy-fartsy self indulgence at the end.  I couldn’t help myself.

Again, thanks to audiofarm and its artists for the music…

Definitely Not My Kind of Snake- King Zaya –
Electro Tango – Vol. 4 – Oscar Aguilar –
Looking Over – Sondre Dragsnes –

And here’s to refueling…

Italian Sausage with Red Peppers and Perogis


2 thoughts on “Cops & Velomobiles

  1. Is that your first Police encounter? I have only seen one in my travels so far and they just passed me slowly while one took my picture with his blackberry.(not city issued). I’m still waiting to be pulled over and stopped for speeding :<)

    • I’ve actually encountered quite a few but most are just inquisitive and don’t bother me at all. This officer was just checking the trails for unauthorized vehicles and happened to run into me. He didn’t know what I was so he stopped me. I over-dramatized it with the video speed and siren sound effect. In real life, it was almost a non-event. A super-nice guy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the acceptance of the law enforcement personnel in this area.

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