The Sound of Spring

With Spring just around the corner, I know that everything from Hummers to Harleys will be pulling up to stoplights with their stereos blaring.  Not to be intimidated by this alpha-dogging of the urban serenity, I’ve decided to meet it on equal footing with my own special brand of noise.  I call it – pause for dramatic effect – The Velo-Blaster!

It consists of a Dayton mini amplifier and these things…

Dayton Sound Exciter

Dayton Sound Exciter

They’re not speakers, they’re called sound exciters.  They work by vibrating whatever you attach them to.  Don’t get all excited!  I mounted mine just behind my shoulders on the top section of the shell.  There were other places which would produce a bit better sound but they were also the places exposed to arm movement and storage access.

Because the sound is produced by vibrating the whole shell of the velomobile, you can hear the music just as well on the outside as the inside.  Great for picnics!  Although I may joke about imposing my callous ego (and Justin Bieber) on the horrified bike path pedestrians, I’ll probably only use it on the long country roads that I’m fond of.  My apologies to the cows.

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