Velcro & Tupperware

Let me introduce you to my newest, bestest buddy – Velcro tape.  It’s actually two separate tapes with adhesive backing.  One has the plastic “hook” Velcro and the other has the fuzzy “loops”.

Adhesive Backed Velcro Tape

Adhesive Backed Velcro Tape

I’ve had good luck so far sticking the hook side to the velomobile and the loop side to the thing I want stuck.  I used it to stick my cyclometer onto my control panel where I can see it and easily remove it for a closer look.  I also stuck my iPod to one of the wheel wells where it is easily seen and accessible.

But that’s the easy stuff.  I wanted to mount my new stereo where it would be secure, safe from harm, and easily removable as dictated by my exceedingly fickle whim.  My answer was to Velcro the stereo into a tupperware box (to protect it from any dampness on the floor of the velomobile) and Velcro that to the actual floor… of the velomobile.  The whole thing fits nicely under my seat and looks like this…


The Dayton amplifier is on the left.  On the right is an extra battery (if I ever feel the need to haul around a spare).  Otherwise, I’ve made a wire to go from here to the auxiliary outlet on the velomobile.  The wood strip has a bunch of plugs to make everything quick and easy.  The battery is secured by a strip of Velcro on its bottom but is also held in place with another sort of Velcro tape.

Double Sided Velcro Tape

Double Sided Velcro Tape

This stuff has the hooks on one side and loops on the other.  It’s good to use for tie-downs.

You can see extra strips of Velcro tape in my tupperware box.  That’s for my alarm system, but I’ll save that for another post.

I’ve been thinking that for ultimate flexibility, I could upholster the entire inside of the velomobile with Velcro fabric so I could stick my stuff anywhere at all.  The one drawback is that I’d wear my fleece jacket one day and never be able to get out again.

3 thoughts on “Velcro & Tupperware

  1. We love Velcro! How is the sound? A music system is the next purchase for me. Did you start that tread on BROL about installing a music system?

    • The sound is really good! But there’s a lot of wind noise too. It will really come into its own when I get my TourKap in the mail. Once the wind is gone it should be fantastic. But the truth is that there’s a give and take between the soundtrack we’d like for our ride and the sound and feeling of actually being on the ride. It’s a luxury but also takes another step away from the experience of riding. I think it may be a good moral boost on long hard rides or an early morning ride wake-up but I doubt that I’ll use it all the time. We’ll see…

      And no, I wasn’t smart enough to come up with using the system – just copied it from some nice folks who shared on the web. Thanks Kevin – and congrats on your second place in the dog sled race! That is really cool!

      • Well, I’m copying your Tupperware box for my Audio system. I like the ideal of having the sound system battery separate from my lighting system. I will most likely need a second battery for my lights when I do a 400km brevet this year. Thanks for the info.

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