Alarm! Alarm!

I promised a post about the new alarm system so here it is…

Although an alarm system may seem a little over the top and paranoid, my biggest fear isn’t really theft – it’s kids.  I can see it in their beady little glowing eyes as I drive by.  They want to touch it.  They want to sit in it.  They want to sit on it, climb on it, crawl on it, ride on it, romp it like a bright, shiny, pristine piece of brand new playground equipment.  Gives me the shivers just thinking about it!

Here’s the one I picked…


It’s a Scorpio SR-i800S motorcycle alarm system

There’s a lot of wires but once you get them all plugged in, it’s not so bad.  The main box and speaker is in the middle.  Clockwise from the top are the RFID key fob, the RFID receiver, the antenna for the remote button, the main wiring harness, and the motion detector.  The motion detector was an add-on but I thought it might be important to help deter folks before they actually touch the shell.  I haven’t wired up the turn signals to flash yet – keeping my options open there.  Here’s what it looks like crammed into the Tupperware…


The Tupperware makes for a tidy little mess

The main box is attached to the Tupperware and the motion sensor is Velcro-ed to the top of the sound system so that it maintains its horizontal orientation.  The plug for the velomobile’s auxiliary power outlet is only pictured here because I didn’t include it in the Velcro and Tupperware post.  Actually, I’ll bring along the spare battery if I plan on parking somewhere.  This is where it all fits in the velomobile – under the seat…


I may reconfigure the box with a lid at some point if it seems necessary

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