On The Road Again

The new idler arrived yesterday and it is a beauty…


Can you spot the upgrade version?

My old idler had 15 teeth but I had to replace it with the 14 tooth version from Terracycle.  As you can see, the idler bodies have about the same diameter.  The Tarracycle 15 tooth is 1/2 in. wider and probably wouldn’t fit in the chain trough.  I have to thank Ray at Bluevelo for the hint.

Everything went pretty smoothly with the installation except – remember that rectangular piece of metal welded to the axle?  It kept rotating every time I tightened the axle screws.  So much for my theory about it preventing the screws from loosening.  LockTite!  Then my neanderthal arms came in handy again – I was able to hold the axle in place inside the velomobile while tightening the screws on the outside – without a helper.  Sometimes I am smugly glad that I didn’t evolve with the rest of you.  But then, that’s probably just my smaller brain talking…

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