11 thoughts on “It… Has… ARRIVED!

      • I have the Sinner Tour Cap (DA Hood). It has more room, but not as aero. Can you wear a helmet under yours?

  1. Yes I can fit my Watts helmet in there and even turn my head – a little bit. But to tell you the truth, I’ve been enjoying having the breeze blow through my hair. There’s something about the air-o-dynamics of the Racekap’s interior that channels the air around my sweaty head for the perfect cool. Perhaps I’ll try some of Wim’s rubber safety strips inside there for some protection while retaining the air flow.

    • I can wear a helmet in the tour cap, but I have trouble turning all the way to the sides. I need to wear the helmet when I do a Brevet. Right now it still cold enough to wear a toque in the morning. Where are you mounting your camera now?

      • Right in front of my face on the velomobile body. I was afraid that it might be in my vision there but the Sony is skinny and with binocular vision, the brain seems to stitch together a complete view. Weird. I hope you’re planning to film your Brevet!

  2. About looking to the side with a helmet under your Hood – Wim recommended tiny bubble mirrors stuck to your normal rear view mirrors. Haven’t tried that yet but sounded good.

    • I’m going down to a cycle shop tomorrow. I’m bringing the Quest inside and will be trying out new helmets in the Tour cap. Maybe I’ll find a smaller one.

  3. That’s a good idea! Kathy and I think you ought to take a tripod and film it. We imagine it like this…
    A crowd is gathering around your quest. You pick out a helmet, shimmy into the quest, put the hood on, turn the head side to side, clunk, clunk, take off the hood, shimmy out, start over. The crowd gets bigger.

    Just kidding. It’s a really good idea and I’m sure you’ll find someone willing to hand you helmets. Let us all know what you find!

    • We have a club ride tonight if it’s not snowing to hard. I should have help. We meet at the bike shop. A new video camera is the next purchase. The one I have isn’t very good.

      • I ride my Quest now without a helmet with my custom low profile race cap from Wim and Jan. The airflow is there, but you don’t hear it and no noise if windy either. It also added
        4-5 km/hr to my sustained average speed, even against strong head or cross winds.

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