A Trip To Chicago

I took a ride into the city in preparation for a cycling event coming up next weekend.  It’s a long urban ride and I needed to ensure that my intended route would be OK.  Everything went fine but there was one event which cast a pall over the ride.

Thanks again to audiofarm and the great artists for the music…

Where Is Everyone by the Blisscats – http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/21059‎

Scimitar by Mike Andrews – http://audiofarm.org/audiofiles/21213

Sound effects by freeSFX.co.uk

4 thoughts on “A Trip To Chicago

    • There is a bike path that goes 2/3 of the way into town but it is a gravel/dirt surface. The ride that I’m attending this weekend starts early so I thought I’d check out the main roads at that time of day – much faster! I took the path home and it took quite a bit longer. I’m with you – we need paved bike roads!

  1. Brilliant video :-))) Good music! How did you train that bird?! Excellent bombing accuracy, he should join US Airforces.
    But indeed, I’m feeling a lot safer on the Dutch roads here.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it and I thought the music was pretty good too – especially for free! Glad my copilot got in the line of fire for the bombing run. It could have been really baaaaad!

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