Bike The Drive 2013 – High-speed

Bike The Drive is an annual Chicago event taking place on Memorial Day weekend.  Fifteen miles of a major thoroughfare (Lake Shore Drive) is taken over by 20,000 bicyclists for the morning who can enjoy a 30 mile loop along the shore of Lake Michigan.

This video is sped up x16 for you speed junkies.  Also good if you want to get an idea of the course layout or want to watch the Chicago skyline go by.

Cammie decided not to wake up early with me (the lazy slug!) so there’s no video of my trip in from St. Charles.  I was hoping for an updated version without dive-bombing birds!  Oh well, maybe next time.  Hope you enjoy!

Here’s a map of the course…

I liked the music from the dive-bombing episode so much that I used it again…

Where Is Everybody by the Blisscats‎

And also…

She Wears My Shadow by SackJo22

5 thoughts on “Bike The Drive 2013 – High-speed

    • Hi Kevin,

      Kathy found that and sent it to me and I sent it on to Ray thinking he’d get a kick out of it. Sorry, but I never did get on Facebook. Can we still be friends?

  1. Oh, I forgot to tell you it’s another great Video! Hopefully this next 300 km Brevet I can shoot some video where it’s sunny out. Of course I won’t have too many people in it like yours. Thanks for posting it!

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