A Northern Illinois Group Ride!

Last weekend I rode out to Sycamore for the first ever Northern Illinois Velomobile Rally and Swap Meet.  There were two of us – me and my new friend, and fellow velonaut, Joseph Basett.


This is our group photo

We waited around for a while to see if anyone else would show up but, since we didn’t really invite anyone else, we finally gave up and went for a ride.  Joe showed me around the countryside between Sycamore and Dekalb in his beautiful Sunrider.  It really looks awesome – like it would feel more comfortable sporting a pair of wings and a jet engine.


Joe in his Sunrider

I got to take a closer look once we got back to Joe’s place.  Here’s some more pictures of his cool machine…


Check out the cool entry door!


Fully enclosed intior


Disk brakes



The swap meet was held next.  I got a great pair of brand new Tryker tires for my front wheels.  Woo Hoo!  Joe wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about the sushi rice roll snacks that I brought along.  Oh well, maybe next time…

Speaking of next time… if there are any velonauts in the area who would like to participate, let us know. Our next event could be even bigger!!

Thanks Joe, for a very nice afternoon!  Here’s the video…

Thanks to the artists at ccmixter.org for the music…

Test Drive by Zapak


Ice and Chili by _Ghost


3 thoughts on “A Northern Illinois Group Ride!

  1. Hi Stu,
    Another Great Video with great music. Hey it must be something about the color yellow, as I am getting together with the two other Velomobile owners here in Winnipeg on June 21 at our Bike to Work day BBQ. One of them is a White Sunrider and the other is older yellow Go-One with an electric assist. I guess we need some white Sunriders in the world to keep everything in balance with all these yellow Velomobiles.

    • Hey Kevin!
      Very glad you liked it. And glad you have some other velomobiles to play with in your area – even if they’re not yellow. Hope you all have a great time at the BBQ but don’t count on having a quiet little bite to eat off by yourselves…

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