Pedal Pusher

My rear derailleur was in need of a tune up before I took off on a longer ride.  The problem was that I needed to be in two places at the same time – at the back of the velomobile observing the derailleur while also sitting inside pedaling.

My solution was this…


They call me Captain Hook

It’s just a piece of clothesline wire bent in two (for strength), formed into a hook, and attached to a four foot length of PVC with a pipe clamp.  Ta Daa!  Instant pedal pusher.  The hook is just a bit larger than the pedal’s spindle and the hook opening is smaller so it clips on and doesn’t come off so easily.  It works best for me if the hook’s opening is upward because I tend to turn the pedals with a lifting motion.

I realize that somebody, or perhaps a lot of somebodies, may have thought of this already.  If so, my apologies.  I thought I’d post it anyway…

Just in case.

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