Three States In One Day… with a short-cut

I’ve been wanting to test the YellowMobile on a real adventure – a trip out to see my parents in Michigan – and finally the time had come.  I started out from St. Charles in the wee hours on Father’s Day and headed North to Wisconsin.  Here’s the map…

Now that’s a shortcut!

Morning, before daylight is the very best time to put in some mileage on the suburban roads in my area but I had another reason – I had to catch the 12:30 ferry in Milwaukee, some 100 miles away.

Not bothering with the bike path, I took the most direct road North.  I was very satisfied with my recent headlight adjustment as I finally joined up with the path.  I could see everything ahead of me in that pre-dawn tunnel of foliage and there was no need for slowing to allow a safe margin for braking.

I did run into some bike path problems later – closures with no info or detours!  I lost at least a half hour messing with that.  My lesson for next time – if you hit the road early, stick to the streets as long as you can – they’re a sure thing!  When I’d gone quite a ways on major roads, I decided to give the path another chance and ended up on the Sternes Woods trail.  Think of it as a paved mountain bike track.  Who would do that?!!

Anyway, once past the woods it was clear sailing… for a while.  Wisconsin has bike trails but they were gravel – and they were wet from the previous night’s rain – and they were soft!  Kind of like pedaling uphill all the time.


This is my breakfast spot across the boarder, in Genoa, Wisconsin

I stayed on the trails as they turned from manicured trail – to gravel path – to a weedy, two track farm road.  Luckily, I spied a paceline of bikers on the highway which ran parallel and quickly decided that if they could, I could.  Hmm, big choice – 10 to 15 mph on the trail or 20 to 25 mph on the pavement…  I took the highway straight into Milwaukee.  Unfortunately, I have no video of that because Cammie took a nap.  Slacker!

I made the ferry with time to spare – whew!


Goodby Milwaukee

Travelling by velomobile is wonderful!  Everyone I met on the ferry wanted to ask about my strange transportation and after I’d told them a bit, I could find out more about them, where they were headed, and what they were doing.  A marvelous chance to learn about my fellow travelers!


It was foggy coming into the Muskegon channel

photo (13)

The YellowMobile has landed!

My folks met me at the ferry landing, then I pedaled the fifteen or so miles to their home.  I was relieved that my dad didn’t follow me with his emergency flashers on!

I stayed a couple of days and helped dad build a fire pit that he’d been planning.


Dad’s new pit


My folks cooked some amazing meals


Mmm! Pork loin with squash and peas


Thanks and farewell Mother and Dad!

Here’s the movie…

Oh, if you don’t like riding around in the dark, you can skip ahead to the 6 minute mark or so…

My thanks to the musicians…

Ordinary Pictures by Alaxander Chereshnev

Brain Breaker by Al Alandra

Rural Parks by Alaxander Chereshnev

Never Did Nothin To Write A Song About by Speck

The Living Game by Hans Atom

11 thoughts on “Three States In One Day… with a short-cut

  1. Nice trip, Excellent video! I really liked the roller coaster part, while they sing: I’m not a sicko, I’m sane…good music again. Multi layered lyrics, vid, trip. So cool in a velomobile. Cammie wasn’t very talkative this time…the bombing bird made her shut up, I guess. Or was she nervous meeting your parents?

    • Yeah, Cammie’s been in a fowl mood ever since the, er… incident. Barely a peep out of her! A little trauma there I think. You’re very generous with your praise – Thank you! I’ve been very lucky with the music and the way things seem to fall into place. Hope my luck continues… Cheers to you Magic Bullet!

  2. Hi Stuart,
    Great report, even the video was great. Ferries are more common in Europe but I think your short cut is a little longer ferry ride than what Magic Bullet goes on. I went from Canada to the US for lunch and back to Canada on our Brevet on Saturday. More about that when I get my blog done. I read your blog made the big time list:
    Your head lights are easy to pick out.

    • Oh you always have to do me one better Kevin! I go on a momentous mythical journey that takes me across one of the greatest lakes on the surface of the earth and you go across for lunch on your ride! Damn! What’ll I do on my next ride?!! Or, more to the point, what will you!

    • ‘A little longer ferry ride than what Magic goes on’ :-))) the understatement of the day. I think you can sink the entire Netherlands into any of your big lakes 🙂
      But what I could do is a European version of your 3 state trip: a 250km ride to the ferry to the UK and have lunch on Piccadilly Circus, London. Go back on the ferry and have dinner in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris or near Manneken Pis in Brussels. That would be pretty cool. What a bummer that I lack the fysical condition, and that I would have been killed in traffic well before arrival in London (at least, if I have to believe our UK cyclists bloggers).
      BTW Kevin, your blog should get on Symbaloo as well. Questeritus actually invites any velo-blogger, don’t feel embarrassed, we’re Dutch.

  3. I am riding a 600 km Brevet next month. You could ride up and meet us for supper. That would out do any ride I could do. Bring Cammie too!

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