10 thoughts on “Summertime to Go

  1. Great Video again. How are your front tires holding out with all those high speed curves? I just changed out my Duranos at 4000 km. They don’t look too worn but they have some small cracks in spots along the center. No flats yet either. I have been lucky! I didn’t want to chance the tires on my 600 Brevet. I had some great high speed runs on it but I didn’t bring the video camera. Next week I do a Century ride. I will try to shoot some video. It won’t have as many curves as yours.

    • Hey thanks Kevin! I’ve still got my original marathon plus tires on. And they still look great – only a flat band worn around the circumference but still some tread showing there. No idea how many miles because my cyclometer has reset itself so many times that I don’t even worry about total mileage anymore. I haven’t had one flat either. I love that! But I do want to try those Tryker tires that Joseph gave me to see if there’s a noticeable difference in speed. Sometime before summer’s over…!

      You know I like the curvy stuff but I bet you don’t want to see much of that on a century or 600 brevet. Best of luck next week Kevin!

      • You got marathon plus tires? I had a pair once and I had over 10,000 km and they still were good when I changed them for faster tires. on my 2 wheel recumbent. They are very flat proof! I bet you will get a whole year out of them!

  2. Another nice video with AWESOME music! ‘another shortcut’ :-)) what were you doing there?!
    @ Kevin, 4000km on durano’s?! I got completely fed up with them after 4 flats in 2500km and then I replaced them with Marathon Greenguards. But my track is very curved and with a lot of dirt on the roads (farms).

    • Hello Magic Bullet and welcome back from your sailing vacation – how wonderful! I’m with you, I do all sorts of roads (and trails) as fast as I can and love the reliability of the marathons. And no, I wasn’t taking a “biologic break” during my other shortcut, just connecting a bike trail to another neighborhood to avoid well-trafficked thoroughfares. But I must admit, I’ve been known to sneak one in… from time to time…

    • Hello Adri!
      Thanks for your kind words and support. Oh, and congratulations on your recent celebrity. A very nice article with beautiful pictures! It’s great to see folks spreading the word about these terrific machines.

      • Hi Yellow,

        Thanks! But……it’s not me who is famous, it’s Bob, my Strada! I don’t turn heads, Bob does!
        Although you are right with your comment about spreading the word, I’m always willing to promote our beloved bikes!
        Greetings, Adri.

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