Back From Peru

I gave people on the road a brief respite from my special brand of idiocy while Kathy and I took a trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Yeah baby, the friggin Amazon River! Why you ask? Let me think back – As I remember, it went something like this…

Kathy: I’m bored
Me: Oh yeah?
Kathy: I need a vacation.
Me: Ok. Where?
Kathy: I want to go to Peru – to the Amazon – to count primates – in the rain forest – with a research expedition.
Me: Um… Ok…

So a few weeks later we were gone – first to Huston, Texas – then to Lima, Peru – then to Iquitos, Peru (which incidentally, is only reachable by boat or by plane!). Here’s Iquitos…

DSC01569 Where the three-wheeled motorcycle is king.  Want to take a ride?  Ok…

Here’s the view from our hotel room…


The next day, we took a four hour boat ride up the Amazon and one of its tributaries to reach the research camp…


Then… monkeys!


I’ve gotta go for the weekend but more to come when I get back.

4 thoughts on “Back From Peru

  1. Well it cannot be said you are not adventurous….

    I watched a program on National Geographic channel about a specialized hospital in tropical and exotic deseases in Great Brittain and i can’t say im happier knowing what disgusting and dangerous illnesseses you can get from traveling to countries where you do not belong ;-)))

    Most of those are contracted because….one behaves like a tourist and does not know how to prevent/protect oneself like the people who live there do.

    Well, in the Military i went to countries with dangerous parasites, bacteria and virusses too and came back unaffected, but not before being shown a informative movie that made even the loudest mouth among us remain silent and very pale…..hehe ;-)))

    I believe the country you’re in has a nice parasite that enters your private part if you pee while standing in (river)water. Its very painfull and not easy to get out….

    Theres also several parasites that can penetrate your skin while standing in (non-sea) water, and travel through your body untill they find a nice place to lay eggs in, wich will feast on your flesh when they hatch….most often thats just the muscle in ones legs, but some have gotten to ones brains in some cases ;-)))

    DO NOT SWIM IN ANY RIVER WATER THERE ( oh did you already ? ;-)))

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