Super-Deep Thought of the Day

Have you ever had a strange, irritating noise in your velomobile that you just couldn’t find?  A nondescript sort of rhythmic clacking sound which only happens while you’re pedaling?  Have you tightened the pedals, crank arms and cleats, the horn and headlights, checked the chain tension, the idler sprocket, and ensured that no cables or wires are flapping around?  Did you check the seat bolts – front and rear?  Have you checked your gear bags and repacked that tool kit to make sure nothing is clanking in there.  Are the wheels tight as well as all of the gazillion little, tiny bolts that hold things to other things and to the frame and to the shell?  Still hear that maddeningly persistent clack… clack… clacking after about 4 1/2 months of crazy, mind-bending fruitless search??!

You may want to make sure that your floppy cargo shorts don’t have metal studs or snaps on their pockets – which could, in theory, strike the interior of the shell with each and every pedal stroke.

Don’t ask me how I know.

5 thoughts on “Super-Deep Thought of the Day

  1. Well Stuart, let me Guess………. You were wearing shorts With metal studs?

    Take the advice wich Kevin gave you, and buy some running or cycling shorts, much better, and most off all……….they don’t drive you crazy! LOL!

    Greetings, Adri.

  2. Thanks guys, I did find some stud-less shorts to ride in and retired the other ones. It just seems so darned quiet now that I’m afraid Cammie will start blabbing again. Maybe some of Paul’s earplugs would solve both problems!

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