Sign of the Times

The other day, Kathy and I were driving into Chicago when we spotted this…


A work van

But take a closer look…

IMG_1022This struck me as pure brilliance!  Just tell all of the bad guys that you don’t have any money.

It all seems so logical.

So simple!

Well, going into Chicago takes me through some pretty tough neighborhoods so I thought this might be just the thing for my next trip to the big city…


And of course, once my massive cranium was set into motion, I came up with several, well… improved versions.

This one is somewhat more sympathetic…


Or playful…


Diversion – Good for group rides…

Remember, it's a ride not a race

Remember, it’s a ride not a race



Or camouflage…



12 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. How about … “Mobile Isolation Chamber: Occupant Highly Contagious.” Then again, I can think of some people who might see that as a ‘challenge’. ;0)

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