Cold Turkey

Well it’s Thanksgiving again and this year we decided to try a happy, organic, pasture-raised turkey for our table.  So this week I took a pilgrimage out into the Illinois countryside, visiting the Nadig Family Farm in Cortland to pick it up.

After nearly a two hour ride, Charlotte Nadig met me at the farm and quickly produced our turkey.  And I must admit, it wasn’t the first time I’ve been given the bird.

Her super-cute kids loved the YellowMobile!  I’m afraid it was their fault that I don’t have any pictures to show.  They were all huddled outside the front door waiting to watch my departure.  I was so worried about keeping them standing in the cold too long, that I forgot to take a single photo.  Gah!

Soon I was homeward bound under a beautiful sunset sky.


Harvest is nearly done.  The majestic forests of corn have been swept away to reveal a sprinkling of farmstead islands, floating on a vast sea of earth.


The sun smoldered on the horizon for a while…


And then…


… was gone.


After scaring up a raccoon, two squirrels, three rabbits, and a deer…

…I was home.

No-one else was there when I arrived so I took a selfie with the guest of honor to commemorate the occasion…


Can you spot the real turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Oh yeah, there’s a movie…

Special thanks for the music –

11 thoughts on “Cold Turkey

    • Thanks Wim,

      I know you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there but I’m sure you’ve got something similar… where you have a big feast with the indigenous population who help you survive a terrible winter and then eventually repay them by warring against them, pushing them onto reservations, and finally giving them casinos to make them feel better about the whole thing…

      Well, on second thought, maybe you don’t.

      But actually nowadays, it’s mostly about getting together with family, sharing your abundance, and being thankful to the Gods or the stars for those who love and are loved by you. All the best to you Wim!

  1. Alright. I looked up Cortland, but I’m wondering where it is you started from. The first bridge looks like the Fox River Trail. The time spent on the second path, limestone, on & off road… Great Western? Lovely ride anyway, great machine.

    • Hello and welcome T.C.,

      You sound like you’re well acquainted with the trail system in these parts! Yes, I started out near Pottawatamie Park in St. Charles and took the Great Western to Lily Lake. After that it was just wide open, peaceful country roads. And such a gorgeous day! Wishing you many happy trails this summer.

      • Hi Stuart,

        Daydreaming about velomobiles once again and ended up back on your blog. I can’t seem to find a local/regional group or any kind of gathering of velonauts where I might look at or test ride a few models. Are you affiliated with any organizations?

        Also, I joined the BentRiders forum, but I was wondering if there we any more specific forums you recommend.

        I might be missing obvious resources as I keep getting distracted by videos like yours!


        tcorourke AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Hello T.C, and thanks for coming back!

    I haven’t found a regional group to ride with. Joseph (from the Country Ride video) was very interested in rounding up the few velonauts in the area, but I don’t think he ever did. I’ve since moved up to Wisconsin and haven’t been in contact.

    Part of the problem you’ll have with test driving velomobiles is that they’re set up for a specific rider’s dimensions and most vehicles can’t be easily changed to accommodate someone else with different proportions. Very few people would be able to reach the pedals on my bike and it’s a bit of bother to change the seat settings and pedal distance, not to mention taking out several links of chain.

    I ended up going to Bluevelo in Toronto to see them in person and give it a test drive – maybe you could do the same. This seems extravagant but, in view of the price tag, seemed like a swell idea at the time. They have also sponsored a get-together called the Niagara Velomobile Happening which attracts a lot of different velomobiles. It seems to have been cancelled in 2014 because a location for the Happening couldn’t be secured but, maybe this year…

    I haven’t really looked for forums but have cruised many a blog to get info and ideas and inspiration. A couple of favorites with lots of links to others are and in the Netherlands. They’re all helpful, happy folks who wouldn’t mind answering questions.

    As for me, if you have any specific questions – anytime!

    Best of luck to you


    • Hi Stuart!

      Thanks for the very thoughtful reply.

      I’m in the early stages, I expect a purchase will be a few years down the road. Since they are so very rare, I accept there will be some inconvenience in test riding a variety. Visiting one of the dealers is solid advice.

      I hadn’t heard of the Niagara gathering, but I’ll be on the lookout for it. I might buy a tadpole trike as a first step; their easier to acquire and resell if need be. Well, easier than a velomobile anyway!

      Hope you are enjoying life up in the ‘bent capital of the USA!


    • Making the transition to a trike first might be a very wise idea T.C.. I can remember being a little anxious after my test drive because my upright bicycling muscles didn’t transfer directly to a recumbent position. I got tired fast! If I hadn’t read about that phenomenon, I might have attributed it to the weight of the velomobile and become discouraged. Of course, the correct muscles came with time and practice but it sure would’ve been nice to really push it during my test drive.

      The trike will also let you get used to the new riding position without being the center of attention which the velomobile certainly commands. You’ll never be alone in the crowd again! You can also keep it so your ‘significant other’ can ride along at your level if you decide to take the velomobile plunge. Good luck to you T.C.


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