Sledding With Isaac

It’s been a long, long cold winter and I’ve been dreaming of Summertime.  Until then, you wanna go sledding with us?

Well OK…

Thanks to the great artists at for the music…

Sometimes A Man by Speck
Contemplations by Ghost

5 thoughts on “Sledding With Isaac

  1. WHEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah … takes me back to when I was knee-high to a Haggis, back in my native Scotland. We couldn’t afford proper snowboards in our house (mostly because they hadn’t been invented yet), so kids would use a sheet of old cardboard; a door-mat; or the engineering genius in our gang would make one out of an old plastic box lid with holes drilled in it to take the ‘steering’ rope. Many’s the winter night I’d arrive back home for bed, bruised, battered and looking like a walking ice-lolly (Colonial Speak: popsicle?), but wishing I could stay out longer. Happy days!

    Yeah, roll on summer, Stuart. That said, we no longer have seasons here in Her Majesty’s Dis-united Kingdom – just ‘weather’ (mostly rain). Liked the video, but where was Cammie? I miss him. The World needs more Cammie … Say, what? … Oh. He was taking the pictures? … Doh!


    • Well Hello Andy!

      Good to hear from you again! Glad you liked the video. Cammie’s been taking a little vacation lately. My Action Cam developed an irritating habit of resetting for no apparent reason in the middle of filming or worse, erasing all data when it resets.

      But I didn’t know what irritating was until I tried to get Sony to honor their protection plan – which I stupidly paid for. Imagine hours of systematically torturous talk-and-hold on the phone with somebody from another country who’s job must be to string you along until either you give up, your extended warranty expires, or you die of extreme old age with the earpiece of the phone cobwebbed to your decomposing head and the sound of soothing elevator music blaring in your un-hearing, mummified ear…

      “I’m sorry sir, I’m going to have to put you on hold again while I enter this new information into our system.”

      “I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to put you on hold while I get authorization to continue.”

      “I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to transfer you to another representative because my shift is ending. Please hold,”


      Oops. Sorry about that.

      Um… good to hear from you again Andy… really!

  2. There you have a future Olympic Bobsledder in training. Glad to see there is some fun in winter down south!
    Greeting from the North!

    • Hello Kevin!

      We are starting to feel like we’re training to be Canadians with this cold winter. Brrr! Soon I’ll need a fat tire trike to pull behind me and train Cammie to say mush.

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