Lost Ride – Update

Well, my cardiologist had a new theory about my memory experience which I thought I should pass along.  It seems that one of my heart valves is very constricted and is having a hard time squirting enough blood through the small opening.  This, coupled with a bit of strenuous exercise, may have robbed my brain of its fair share of blood.  When that happened, part of the brain took a nap.  Luckily, it wasn’t the part needed to get home.

I’m sending this update because my last post gave the impression that my memory loss was caused by overheating and over-exertion.  While these two are still considered the precursors of transient amnesia, it seems to be a little more complicated in my case.  I don’t want to leave the impression that my velomobile had much, if anything, to do with the outcome.

Anyway, I’ll need to get something done about my heart very soon, then a long recovery after that, so I won’t be posting anything for quite some time.  I do have another blog going about building a wooden boat and will continue to work on it. If any of you are into that sort of thing, come on over for a visit.  You can start it at the beginning here and use the arrows at the bottom of the posts to go through in chronological order.

Meanwhile, I’ll be following my fellow velonauts with great interest as they blog about their adventures and be content to live vicariously through them for a bit.  Thanks in advance for sharing!

I wish you all a very full and happy summer.

12 thoughts on “Lost Ride – Update

  1. Hi Stuart,

    Scary to read about this, but interesting as well. Glad you’re alright. I’ve got a bicuspid valve myself.

    Best wishes for your surgery and a speedy recovery.


    P.S. The link to your boat blog isn’t functioning.

    • Hey T.C.,

      A pedicab driver in downtown Chicago – now that’s a job! You probably see more adventure in one weekend than I get in six months as a velonaut. My hat’s off to you T.C.!! And sorry to read about the laws squelching your livelihood. I hope things are slowly turning in your favor again. Thanks for letting me know about my link – I think it’s fixed now. Here’s wishing your profession and your bicuspid a very long, long… long, long life. Cheers!

  2. Well. you are the engine block and control electronics of the velomobile, and if something is wrong with your valves giving your electronics blue screens you should be repaired :-)))

    Just joking…of all the things that can go wrong with a human body your present condition isn’t something one would wish for, and the medical procedure to adress it certainly not to be taken lightly but i’m sure it is something you will recover from and will be able to get on with your life after. And that is the important part.

    My father had valve problems too ( that ultimately send him uncontious to the bottom of a large public swimmingpool ! ) and the following valve restoration operation worked out very well, giving him again energy he had missed for quite some time.

    If that’s the case for you also your velomobile will have a more powerful engine in a while :-)))

    • Well Hello Quezzzt!

      Yes, the ‘check engine’ light is definitely blinking. That’s a good point – a little more power would certainly be nice after I get the fuel pump serviced. Sorry to hear that your father went looking for mermaids before his. Now that must have been scary for you! Thanks for your thoughts and all the best to you on your adventures this summer.

  3. hello! first time on your site! I’m a fellow Velomobiel enthusiast. I have a blue and black Strada (initially visited the factory in Dronden Holland about 3 years ago, then purchased my Velo from BlueVelo in Toronto (Ray and Randy).
    I live in the North Suburbs of Chicago and bike frequently, year long. I am a cardiologist at Rush Unveirsity Medical Center and I noted your last post. I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

    • Well hello Steve and welcome! I’ve heard rumors of your existence from other bikers but never had the good luck to meet up with you while we lived in the area. I hope your experiences with the Strada are as positive as mine! All of the ‘well wishes’ must be working because I’m recovering at a marvelous pace. Thanks for yours!


  4. Dear Stuart, I’ve read your post about madness and velomobiles. I’ve never seen the state of mind of velonautes so well described as in this article. Since two and a halv years I’m riding a EVO-R and I must say you’ve really hit the point.
    Greetings from Switzrland

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