Sign of the Times

The other day, Kathy and I were driving into Chicago when we spotted this…


A work van

But take a closer look…

IMG_1022This struck me as pure brilliance!  Just tell all of the bad guys that you don’t have any money.

It all seems so logical.

So simple!

Well, going into Chicago takes me through some pretty tough neighborhoods so I thought this might be just the thing for my next trip to the big city…


And of course, once my massive cranium was set into motion, I came up with several, well… improved versions.

This one is somewhat more sympathetic…


Or playful…


Diversion – Good for group rides…

Remember, it's a ride not a race

Remember, it’s a ride not a race



Or camouflage…



Back From Peru

I gave people on the road a brief respite from my special brand of idiocy while Kathy and I took a trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Yeah baby, the friggin Amazon River! Why you ask? Let me think back – As I remember, it went something like this…

Kathy: I’m bored
Me: Oh yeah?
Kathy: I need a vacation.
Me: Ok. Where?
Kathy: I want to go to Peru – to the Amazon – to count primates – in the rain forest – with a research expedition.
Me: Um… Ok…

So a few weeks later we were gone – first to Huston, Texas – then to Lima, Peru – then to Iquitos, Peru (which incidentally, is only reachable by boat or by plane!). Here’s Iquitos…

DSC01569 Where the three-wheeled motorcycle is king.  Want to take a ride?  Ok…

Here’s the view from our hotel room…


The next day, we took a four hour boat ride up the Amazon and one of its tributaries to reach the research camp…


Then… monkeys!


I’ve gotta go for the weekend but more to come when I get back.

Pedalling Song

I happened across a paddling song that the headhunter cannibals of New Guinea sang as they traveled in their dugout canoes…

In the little river, there are shrimp
In the river, there is shit
In the river, there is piss

The shrimp eat the shit
The shrimp eat the piss

We, eat the shrimp

I found this extremely moving and insightful. I thought that perhaps I should have a pedalling song for my travels. It might go something like this…

There are always people on the road

Sometimes people on the road are selfish
Sometimes people on the road are jerks
Sometimes people on the road are obnoxious, aggressive and callous little twerps

Oh yes!
Sometimes I’m on the road

Netherlands Engineering

Have you ever wanted to drive a commuter train through the Netherlands?  I didn’t know that I did until I saw this.  A fellow velonaut shared this terrific video from his work day.

You can find his great blog here. Thanks for sharing this Arjan!