Service & Maintainance

When I first received my velomobile, I was hoping to find some single resource of  basic servicing info on the web without having to search too hard.  I didn’t have much luck with that so I’m starting my own in hopes of providing help to future velomobile owners.  I’m no bike technician so the articles here aren’t “recommended practices”, only my own experiences as I learn to take care of my machine.  At the very least you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes…

Pedal Pusher

Crank Arm Length

Brake Adjustments (coming soon)

Headlight Adjustments

Idler – 1, Idler – 2, Idler – 3

Steering Lubrication

Replacing a Chain Tube

And here’s some of the things I added on…



Studded Winter Tires

Sound System – 1

Velcro and Tupperware


Camera – 1Camera – 2

2 thoughts on “Service & Maintainance

    • Well Hello Roger,

      I’d love to have a riding partner but I’m no longer in your hood. We recently relocated up to the Oshkosh area in Wisconsin – a wonderland of lonely country roads but I suspect that fellow velonauts are few and far between. You might try Joseph Basett in Sycamore. You can see his nice machine in the Northern Illinois Group Ride video. And I also got a note in a recent post by Steve Feisntein, a cardiologist from Rush University Medical Center. You may be able to track him down. I know there are others in your area, I just never had a chance to meet them. Best of luck to you Roger.


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