A collection of my silly movies…

Sledding With Isaac

Cold Turkey – A ride out to the country to pick up our Thanksgiving turkey

Summertime to Go – A fun ride in July

Father’s Day Ride – A trip up to Milwaukee with a ferry ride across Lake Michigan

A Country Ride With Joseph – A ride with a fellow velonaut in Sycamore, Illinois

Bike The Drive 2013 – High Speed

Bike The Drive – Preview

A First Ride To Chicago – Bird Attack!


The Final Frontier

Cloud Dance – Not really a velomobile movie.  Just something I did while waiting for the bike paths to de-ice

Cops And Velomobiles

A Winter Ride – The Sequel

A Velomobile Ride To Firmilab

A Winter Ride

5 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Hello, Yellowmobile-guy! Thank you so much for posting these videos here (and on YouTube, where I first saw them). I love them so much that I burned them onto a disc. On cold, rainy days, like today (which is pretty much every day here in Britain), when I can’t get my own little fold-up bike out of the shed, there’s nothing I like better than to settle down in front of my TV and watch these while drinking tea and munching biscuits. I find your videos strangely relaxing – it’s as if I’m right there, riding along. The only criticism I have are the times when you switch to 4x speed, which ruins the sense of ‘being there’ (besides which, it must tire poor Cammie out having to run so fast!). You are very lucky in having so many good and scenic bike trails where you live. I envy you. Keep up the velomobiling (is that a word?) and the filming; it’s appreciated. ;0)

    • Hello Andy!

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the videos. Thanks for the support and the constructive criticism – I’ll try to avoid excesses of hyper-drive in future adventures. But if you like these, you’ll probably love the video’s by Paul Martin in Australia. So put on the kettle, line up the biscuits, and check… this… out…

      Yeah, I know. Awesome. And he’s got a gazillion of them. All the best to you Andy and thanks for stopping by.


      • Hi Stuart!
        Thanks for the link to Paul Martin’s vids. Yup; they’re pretty good … but not a patch on what you and cammie can do (grovel, bow, scrape!). Since discovering your site I’ve been drooling over photos of velomobiles on the interblob (by the way; any idea on the best way to remove drool from a computer-screen?). I’m afraid they are way out of my pay-scale for the foreseeable future, so I’ll just have to content myself with watching internet velo-porn, fnaarg! Guess what? I almost got my bike out of the shed today … but only ‘almost’; the sun was shining, but this was only to fool us gullible Brits’ into a false sense of security, as it was really c-c-cold when I checked outside. Ah, well; maybe next month (???).

        Say ‘hi’ to Cammie for me, and if it’s not too soon, best wishes for the coming unpleasantness (otherwise known as Christmas).
        United Kingdom

  2. Thanks again for your thoughtful words and support Andy. They mean a lot to me! I know these things are darned expensive now but some owners have sold advertising space on their velomobiles to help finance them. Here’s a link with some info if you’re interested…

    I do hope you get some decent bicycling weather soon and wish you a very happy holiday season.


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